What you need before creating a BuzzBoard

This page gets you thinking about what you need to think about before creating a BuzzBoard.

Where are you going to embed the BuzzBoard?

When a BuzzBoard is created, widget code is presented to you to copy out and paste into your Website, WebApp or Blog. Some people choose to place that in an existing page, others choose to create a new page just for the Board. The BuzzBoard is responsive, meaning it will adapt as the screen size changes, however you do need to give some consideration to where you will place it.

Take a look at the widget html code example.

The below link shows you the BuzzBoard example that is embedded in our own page. Here you can see the html code example and how it can be styled. When you create a BuzzBoard, the code is provided to you so that you can place it onto your own Website, WebApp or Blog.


What YouTube content are you going to use?

Customer typically use existing YouTube content for existing promo videos. Have a think about the promo video you want to use and what about the video might be engaging, what question you might want to ask you viewers to make it as engaging as possible.

Getting the question right.

BuzzBoard interaction, sharing and boosting is all driven by what question or interaction you want from the promo video content that you are wrapping in the BuzzBoard. Have a good think about the question you want to ask to really get viewers engaged. We also have a character restriction of 100 to ensure the board stays visible on desktop, tablet and mobile.

Getting the giveaway right.

You will want to entice viewers to submit something so be generous. The more generous you are the more likely you will get maximum brand exposure, traffic and views. This can be gift vouchers, tickets to shows, signed copies of merchandise, meets and greats, anything really.

Once you have considered all of the above, you are ready to go. Click here to get started!