How to promote your BuzzBoard

This tutorial shows you how to promote and easily share your BuzzBoard across your social networks to entice your fans, followers and customers to engage.

NOTE: This tutorial assumes that you have already create a BuzzBoard, if you have not then please follow the two guides below to get started:

How to share your board on social media.

Before promoting your BuzzBoard It is important to ensure that it is embedded into your Website, WebApp or blog as once you promote it from there, that is where fans, followers and customers will be redirected to if they click on the shared BuzzBoard within any social media or messaging platform.

Step 1 - Embed your BuzzBoard

Ensure that your BuzzBoard is embedded in your Website, Webapp or Blog as above.

Step 2 - Share your BuzzBoard

In order to share you BuzzBoard to your social media networks for promotion, it is as simple as opening up the page that has the board embedded, then below the board (to the right), hit 'Share':

Click 'Share' located at the bottom right

You will now see a pop up with the share URL that you can copy in preparation for pasting into your social networks.

Hit the copy icon to then left of the url in the box

Once copied, you can then simply paste the URL into any of your social networks along with a pumped up message to get your followers and fans engaged.

Posting the BuzzBoard URL into Facebook

That's it! As soon as anyone see's that post in their timeline and click on it, it will open up the Webpage that the board is embedded in and allow fans and followers to view the video and submit answers and boost them to climb the leaderboard!