How to create your first ever BuzzBoard

This tutorial shows you step by step, how to create your first ever BuzzBoard.

NOTE: Before following this tutorial you need to ensure that you have read the following articles:

This tutorial is for customers that do not have a BuzzBoard account and are therefore creating a BuzzBoard for the first time. If you already have a BuzzBoard account the please see 'How to create more BuzzBoards'

Step 1 - Start for Free Button

First of all we need you to get started for free (no credit card details needed). Head over to and hit the 'Start for Free' button at the top right.

Start for Free, top right.

Step 2 - BuzzBoard Information

Next we need you to fill out the name of your Brand (no spaces) and your chosen question and giveaway for the BuzzBoard.

Sample brand name, question and giveaway shown.

Hit Next then you will need to upload your brand logo (ideally 400 x 400, same as Twitter or Facebook logo, about 2MB in size).

Then paste in the link to your YouTube video and finally select the expiry time of the board (maximum is 40 days, that means the board will count days from 40 days once purchased, this is what the viewers will see).

BuzzBoard purchase information

Step 3 - Account Information

Next you just need to add your own name, email address and create a password, this is so that you can log into BuzzBoards and see how your board is performing, total amount of views, clicks, submissions and shares etc, as well as creating new BuzzBoards without having to register again.

Account information

Next you just need to provide a credit / debit card to pay for the chosen BuzzBoard duration.


Once completed you are provided with the BuzzBoard widget code to embed within your Website, WebApp or Blog

Example widget code ready to paste into your own Website, WebApp or Blog

Below is an example of the widget code with some styling to help you place it within your own Website, WebApp or Blog.