How to create more BuzzBoards

NOTE: Before following this tutorial you need to ensure that you have read the following articles:

Creating more BuzzBoards

By now you should already have a BuzzBoards account and should have signed into the admin dashboard to see the performance of your BuzzBoards. In order to create a new BuzzBoard, first logon to the admin dashboard here.

BuzzBoards admin logon

Once in, select 'Create a BuzzBoard' at the bottom left.

Next fill in the details for the BuzzBoard starting with the YouTube link at the top, your BuzzBoard question, and your BuzzBoard giveaway. When that is completed, select the duration of the board and then hit 'Create BuzzBoard'.

Fill in BuzzBoard information

Next fill in your credit / debit card details to complete the BuzzBoard purchase.

Fill in purchase details

Once completed you can then copy the widget code into your Website, WebApp or Blog.

BuzzBoard widget code

For an example of widget code for the BuzzBoard we have hosted on our own front page see here: