An Intro to BuzzBoards. What do they do and how do they make your promo videos more social?

What does a BuzzBoard do and how does it make your promo videos more engaging?

Your Existing Promo Videos

A BuzzBoard wraps around your existing video content. Typically this is existing video content that you want to embed within your own Website, WebApp or Blog. You could also be hosting it on YouTube but that is fine, we support that too.

The problem with hosting your promo video content on YouTube and then always directing your customers and viewers there is that it they leave your Website, WebApp or Blog. Of course your can embed YouTube video within your own site and have your customers or views view it there, but sometimes it is difficult for your customers to discover it, especially if you don't have thousands of YouTube subscribers.

So what if you could have the best of both worlds? Publish your content on your YouTube channel for your subscribers and embed it in your own website but with a way to drive customers and viewers there organically (instead of it all going to YouTube), that way customers and viewers get to see your complete brand instead of a snapshot of it.

How a BuzzBoard Works

A BuzzBoard is a wrap around your existing video content but on your own Website, WebApp or Blog. A BuzzBoard will gamify your video content by making it engageable and competitive which in turn will build a tonne of social media activity and ultimately drive more organic traffic back to your own Website, WebApp or Blog.

Here is an example of a McDonald's BuzzBoard.

The video in the centre is a simple YouTube link. The question in the centre is what McDonalds are asking to entice engagement in the BuzzBoard. Below the question is a giveaway. There is also an expiry time on the board.

Viewers are being asked to watch the video and then submit an answer to the question. The answer that is at the top of the leaderboard gets $/£100 of McDonalds vouchers when the board expires.

Let's click on 'View LeaderBoard'.

Here you can see answers that have been submitted to the board. You can also see that the points on the right determine where the person sits in the leaderboard.

In order to climb the leaderboard, the person who has submitted an answer has to accumulate points by sharing their answer across their social networks, both at the point of submission and then every 7 days afterwards they are requested to re-share for more points and to request that their friends and followers re-share their answer for them, in both scenarios points are added to their answer. When a submitted answer is shared, the board image is shared along with the answer and your brand, click on it in any social network brings the traffic into your own Website, WebApp or Blog.

This is what drives the social media traffic, engagement and exposure.

Let's See What Happens when you Submit an Answer